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The Key to Stressfree Holiday Gifting

Heather Kirks

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Whether you're in denial or not, the holidays are nearly here. Which means all the decorating, baking and shopping.  I’m the gal who likes to give the unexpected gift of gratitude, so holiday gift giving is not necessarily my jam.  Sometimes it feels forced to me, and one of my favorite things about giving is the element of surprise and specificity to the recipient.  That being said, in years past I found myself getting stressed out and not knowing what to...

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10 Best Hostess Gifts (that aren't wine)

Heather Kirks hostess gifts unique hostess gifts

Best Hostess Gift Ideas 

Invited to a BBQ of fancy dinner party?   Do you usually grab a bottle of wine and a gift bag (gasp!) on our way to the party.  Your hostess put a lot of time into impressing you, why wouldn’t you do the same?  Here are ten hostess gift ideas for the planner and the girl who’s in a time crunch.

  1. Bring dessert in this pie box.  It makes transporting these masterpieces a breeze
  2. How cute...

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Should you rename your business?

Heather Kirks business change business tip gift giving renaming your business

Changing the name of my business is not a decision I took lightly.  We had just gone through rebranding and launching a website.  I was sitting in one of Annie Fracheschi’s workshops on branding on morning , and it was as if she was speaking to me. I had just gone through all the things she described minutes before during the meet and greet.

“How do you say the name of the business?”   

“How do you spell it or can you spell it for me?” 

“What is is again...

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Collab x 2

Heather Kirks

Ya'll!  I'm over the moon about this recent collaboration for our new line of products.  The prints are just what I had in mind and working with Laura Fedorowicz of Elle & Kay Design was a dream.  She's a talented artist and really listened to what I was looking for and made it a reality.  Hop on over to her shop and say hello!

You'll see our blush, hot pink and green prepster print as part of this line...

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You’re Invited: Tutti Frutti, Welcome Cutie!

Heather Kirks

Today we have a guest blogger, Michelle from 2Berry Creative.  We couldn't wait to collaborate with her adorable party supply shop to create some amazing ideas for a gender neurtral baby shower. 


Get your sunnies, maxi dresses, and best girls (and mama-to-be) together for a summer soiree featuring the latest party trend: pineapples. Online party boutique, 2Berry Creative, has you covered for an inexpensive, stress-free, gender-neutral baby shower.

The very talented Heather of Hedoe Paper created these juicy invites and...

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