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The Anatomy of the "Thank You" Note

Heather Kirks


You know the feeling, you open your mailbox and sort through the myriad of bills, advertisements, and the canned letter that "You've Been Approved!". Then, you realize that there is a gem hiding in your mailbox. A letter hand addressed to you. What an incredible surprise!

The art of a hand-written "thank you" is not one that should be forgotten. It can be difficult to know where to start when expressing your gratitude to a friend, family member, neighbor, or co-worker. That's why we've pulled together our best tips for writing the perfect "Thank You" note. 


A thank you note can be an unexpected surprise to the recipient, and is an excellent way to show your appreciation for almost any act of kindness. You can send a thank you note when a gift is given to you, when someone attends an event of yours (such as a wedding or shower), after an interview with a potential employer, when you meet a new professional contact, or just as a way to show gratitude to a new or longstanding friend. 


The stationery you use is your opportunity to express a bit of your personality with your thank you note. Show class and elegance to a potential employer with a monogramed and personalized notecard. Show off your fun personality with a stylish print or patterned notecard. You can even use thank-you notes as an opportunity to teach your children the art of gratitude with their own fun and kid-friendly notecards













Start off with the word "Dear________" (it still holds as a classic and true greeting). Then, use the name that you would address the individual with if you saw them in person. Use only their first name if it is a more casual friendship and the more formal "Dear Mr. ________" for a more formal or professional relationship. 


This is your opportunity to say "Thank you so much for (insert the gift that was given or the reason for gratitude). Feel free to use descriptive words during this segment. For example: 

"Thank you so much for the soft and cuddly baby blanket."

"Thank you for the stunning scarf that you sent for my birthday."

"Thank you for taking time to meet with me yesterday afternoon."


Insert a sentence to describe how you have already used (or plan to use) the gift that you received. If you are thanking the person for a professional service, then get specific here for thanking them for a specific aspect of your time together. 

"I have already hung up the artwork that you sent in Jamie's room and it looks incredible!"

"I was particularly encouraged during our meeting when we were discussing the aspects of effective management practices."


This is your opportunity to reference the next time that you will, or hope to, see this individual again. 

"I can't wait until your visit in July!"

"I look forward to meeting again soon."


Use whatever exit greeting you feel is appropriate here for your relationship. This could be "Sincerely, Love, With Gratitude, etc). Sign your name, and you are finished! 

 The most important aspect of your Thank You note is that it is authentic. Be yourself and be sincere. Sincere gratitude is more important than elegant words. Trust us, your words of thanks will be well received! 


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