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Easter Basket Revamp

Heather Kirks

Just when you thought you got rid of all the Halloween and Christmas candy, here comes Easter hippity hoppity on its way.  In full disclosure, I ate most of the Halloween and Christmas candy and didn't feel a bit guilty about it.  But, now Spring has sprung and bathing suit season is right around the corner and I can.not. have this stuff in my house.  I have zero self control.  As in zip.  And, no matter how big my kids get - the grandparents can't resist giving an Easter basket full of all the things I love and hate at the same time.  Those cute little chicks with the wire legs?  So cute, but what do I do with that?!    A few years ago, I started gifting my littles new rain boots and umbrellas, perfect for spring.  Now, I'm skipping spring and heading right into summer (anyone with me?) and keeping it practical.  This is exactly what my two (not so) littles will receive from me in their baskets this year.  Don't worry, Nana always has the Peeps covered.


Easter Basket Revamp:  one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine.

What non-traditional ways do you fill your Easter baskets?

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