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You’re Invited: Tutti Frutti, Welcome Cutie!

Heather Kirks

Today we have a guest blogger, Michelle from 2Berry Creative.  We couldn't wait to collaborate with her adorable party supply shop to create some amazing ideas for a gender neurtral baby shower. 


Get your sunnies, maxi dresses, and best girls (and mama-to-be) together for a summer soiree featuring the latest party trend: pineapples. Online party boutique, 2Berry Creative, has you covered for an inexpensive, stress-free, gender-neutral baby shower.

The very talented Heather of Hedoe Paper created these juicy invites and stationery to start the party anticipation off right. You can add glitter washi tape for a little three-dimensional sparkle and tie baker’s twine for an extra special handmade feel. We recommend using Lemon Drop, Limeade, Charcoal Black, Metallic Gold, or Grass Green baker’s twine on the invites to stick with the pineapple-inspired palette of yellows, greens, blacks, and whites. Use the same twine at the party for tying around mason jars or utensils, or place 3 spools together and use as a table décor piece!


One of our favorite ways to dress up our homes and parties is to string up some bunting. Bunting and banners are stress-free (no assembly required!), personal, affordable, re-useable, and pack a big punch! For your pineapple baby shower, simply string up our pineapple burlap bunting for a quick décor piece or photo backdrop. Adhere the bunting with any of our pineapple washi tapes, including black & gold metallic foil pineapples, white & gold metallic foil pineapples, metallic foil pineapples, or pineapple pizazz. A complementary color like gold will pair well with any of our pineapple tapes. Add a personal touch to any party activities with washi tape, like guessing the baby’s gender or writing sweet notes of advice for mom when baby arrives.

Every party needs confetti, right?! Here’s another of our go to tricks that we used for this party: Washi any old piece of paper with gold glitter washi tape and hole-punch pineapples for handmade table confetti!  Use this method to add a simple sparkle for every party theme; be it pineapples, anchors, numbers, circles (confetti) or hearts.


Decorating the table can be one of the most overwhelming aspects of party planning. Take a deep breath and think about what you already have in your home. A whimsical cake tray, mason jars, a yellow serving platter, special photos of mom-to-be, etc. When you’re at the grocery store shopping for party food, be sure to pick up a few pineapples and use them as centerpieces! Remember, the foods you serve can also act as decorative items. Use pineapple party picks to adorn your food items and add pops of color to the table décor too.


Then, when putting the table together, think layers. Different heights make everything more visually interesting. Do you have any wood crates lying around? Maybe storing your magazines or blankets? You definitely have baskets you could turn upside down?! If not, you can even wrap some empty boxes in kraft paper to create levels.  Start by taking the two largest crates, baskets, boxes, and place one on each back corner. This will free up items from the tabletop and add beautiful, thoughtful dimension. Build inward and then forward from there.  Dimensions are particularly effective for the dessert area. By taking a little time to plan it out, you’ll be amazed that displayed like art, your desserts (no matter how grocery store or modest they might seem on their own) will come off as delicacies.  You do not need to stress over trying to find the perfect palm fronds for the table or recreating an elaborate party out of a magazine.


We went the grocery store route with our table setting and placed pineapples on top of a white burlap chevron table runner. Runners add a pop of color and dimension to any table. (Never know which way to “run” it? It’s all a matter of what you are trying to accent. If you’re trying to accent your centerpieces, then spread it horizontally. If you’re trying to accent your place settings, use it vertically.)  Since we bought extra pineapples, we plucked the leaves off of one of them to create pineapple mason jars for drinks (pictured). Use 4-5 pineapple leaves per jar, assemble any way you like, and tie with jute to keep the leaves in place. If you’re nervous about the leaves falling through the jute (depending on what kind of rim your jar has), adhere the leaves with washi tape (you may need a couple of layers) or even a quick dab of hot glue. We filled our drinks with pineapple juice (obvi!) and stuck Black Striped Paper Straws into our jars – it looked like we were drinking out of pineapples!


The pineapple jars look absolutely delicious with our matching gold pineapple plates. With gold stamped wood cutlery wrapped in a green striped napkin or yellow striped napkin tied with twine next to the plates, your table is complete. 

 Guests were sent home with a frosted pineapple cookie made with our fruit cookie cutters. We placed them in lemon and lime chevron gift bags, tied up with the twine we used for the cutlery sets or sealed with washi tape we used to hang the bunting. Everyone loved them!

 We adore throwing parties, but know it can get expensive and things often don’t get used again. Our leftover washi tape, baker’s twine, table runner, pineapple bunting, and straws will can  be reused for another party or around the house (the pineapple bunting looks amazing on our sunny window). The pineapple table centerpieces were eaten and none of the table décor went to waste. With the help of the lovely ladies at Hedoe Paper, we have invitations that are perfect in the party’s photo album, as well as stationery for thank you cards and future notes! By using things around the house, the ability to reuse most of our party items, and Hedoe Paper’s timeless stationery, we were able to create a Pinterest-perfect party on a budget without compromising party quality.

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  • Doug on

    Great ideas!

  • Rachel on

    Love this! I think sometimes it’s hard to find a good gender neutral theme and this was simply lovely!

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