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Should you rename your business?

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Changing the name of my business is not a decision I took lightly.  We had just gone through rebranding and launching a website.  I was sitting in one of Annie Fracheschi’s workshops on branding on morning , and it was as if she was speaking to me. I had just gone through all the things she described minutes before during the meet and greet.

“How do you say the name of the business?”   

“How do you spell it or can you spell it for me?” 

“What is is again that you sell/do?”

These are the normal questions I get when introducing myself, but what really impacted me is that I found people that actually knew me well weren’t introducing me because they didn’t even know how to pronounce my name.  It’s kind of like when someone comes up to you at an event and you can’t remember their name.  You want to introduce them to others, but you feel hesitant and you try to navigate the situation.  As I get older, I’m much more apt to just admit my fault and terrible memory - but most people won’t.

People didn’t remember my company name or what I did.  Uh, that’s not good.   If you ever feel like one or more of these questions happens to you often, you may want to reconsider renaming your business:

1.  You feel awkward when introducing yourself.

2.  People can't ever remember the name of your business. And if they can't remember it,  they can't find you!

3.  You sometimes feel like you don't get introduced at all because people can't remember your business name or how to say it.

4.  Your name doesn't represent the heart behind your business or tell your customer anything about your "why" or the product or service your provide.

5. PR spells your name wrong!  I can NOT  tell you how many times someone from a publication spelled my business name wrong.  Again, no way for your customer to find you.

I knew Annie Francheschi from Greatest Story Creative was my girl.  This was her area of expertise and I didn’t even hesitate to work with her on the renaming of my business.  Annie is a true professional.  On top of being uber talented (hello, she worked for Disney!)- she's organized and succinct, both things that I love and need in my life.  She listened to my goals for my business and where I wanted to take it and ran with it.  She presented me with three options, and I knew which one I wanted to choose right away.     So here you have it - my new business name that has so much meaning behind it for me:


Most of you are buying my products for gift giving.  And it’s something I’m super passionate about.  Thoughtful gift giving.  I'm kind of the ninja of gift giving. I pay attention to people and what they like, what they mention, and BAM! knock their socks off with the perfect gift when they least expect it.  It’s an art, and I’d love to help you get good at it.

I like to keep a list of my closest friends and family to jot down things about them. I have a horrible memory so this helps. You can hop over here, and I’d be happy to customize something from the shop for that special someone!  Let me know how I can assist you in being a thoughtfilled gift giver.


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