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The Key to Stressfree Holiday Gifting

Heather Kirks

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Whether you're in denial or not, the holidays are nearly here. Which means all the decorating, baking and shopping.  I’m the gal who likes to give the unexpected gift of gratitude, so holiday gift giving is not necessarily my jam.  Sometimes it feels forced to me, and one of my favorite things about giving is the element of surprise and specificity to the recipient.  That being said, in years past I found myself getting stressed out and not knowing what to give and there’s nothing worse than having the feeling that you’re buying something just to buy it. 

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be stressful, especially now that we can get nearly everything online.  I have adopted a plan that’s worked for me and allows me to knock out a big part of my shopping before the season even begins.

I separate those that I need to gift into different categories depending on what I believe they would like.    For example, my in-laws and extended family, my entrepreneur girlfriends, my dog and cat loving friends, my kids teachers, etc.

This year, here are my ideas for these categories I have on my list, just to give you an idea.  But stick around, because this is more than just a round-up of my favorite  gifts. 

I find one bigger gift that I can buy for every person in this category.  For example, for my in-laws and extended family, they all will receive a Linnea Calendar  this year.  and pretty much every year.  They expect it and love it.  This is a go to gift for anyone that I’m not sure what to buy for.  It is the perfect calendar to hang in the kitchen.  I can not tell you how many of my friends and family I have gifted this to over the years. The artwork is absolutely beautiful and I love the excitement of changing it every month, thinking about how we’re all doing it at the same time. I love seeing something I gifted in someone's home when I visit.

For my entrepreneur girlfriends, they will either receive Cultivate What Matters Powersheets or Reina Pomeroy’s new book Big Plan for the Creative Mind.

My dog loving friends will receive this print “Dog people are the best people,”  because well, they are or these cute dog mutt hooks (can you stand it?).  My cat lovers (I do love you, too), this is just too cute and I would even consider using it for a hot second:  

My kids teachers always receive my stationery.  I don’t usually give them teacher stationery, because I feel like they get so many teacher associated things from other parents all the time.  I always try to think of something they wouldn’t buy for themselves, so I gift them a stationery set of one of my premium notepad and note card sets like this one or this one.

You get the idea.  I buy several of the same thing.   I like to add something to top each gift off (unwrapped) to personalize it.   For one my girlfriends, I might add a piece of dark chocolate if that's something we like to share together,  or a monogrammed towel if they're of the true Southern type.  For my mother-in-law, I’ll attach an ornament with a picture of my kids in it.  I pick these things up all year long as I see them, or sometimes while I’m on vacation with someone as a momento-I love this one if I can make it happen -  it brings us right back to the memories we made there and I love that!.  

Ta da!  You have it!  My fool proof no stress giving method for the holidays.  If you've been following me at all, you know I take gift-giving seriously and take care in choosing every other gift that I give.  But when you're giving in the masses like this, we all could use some simplification. 

I've put together this  worksheet to help you plan this out!  I HAVE to write down my gift giving plan or I end up a hot mess the week before Christmas.  How do you plan your gifting out?  I’d love to know in the comments.

 gift guide worksheet

 Download and print your gift giving plan here!

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