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What Do We Love?

Our customers, of course! 

We love investing in our families, our sisterhood, and our stationery business.

We love making lists, fabulous pens, and smooth pretty paper. We are beach lovers, and dog lovers.  We love ANYTHING that has to do with dogs.  Dogs have been a part of our lives our whole life, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Our North Carolina cattle dog’s name is Kwazii (Octonauts, anyone?) and our one-of-a-kind rescue pup Henry gets plenty of snow time in Virginia.

We’re very proud that both of our grandfathers were decorated colonels in the Army.  That combined with our love for dogs, is why we are passionate about donating to The Dogs on Deployment Charity.  100% of the proceeds from all purchases of our new dog line stationery will be donated to the charity.  What better way to support our troops during their service than to find a loving home for their pets while they are away?!

As sisters, we have walked side by side, supporting each other in life and in business.  Family is and always has been very important to us.  We love Sunday afternoon snuggles with our kids, summers on the porch, and anything sweet, especially ice cream! We’re blessed to watch our four amazing, smart, and a bit crazy kids (cousins) grow up together.

In the end, we are pretty similar to most, family is what binds us, and that family wouldn’t be complete without our furry friends.